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Times of Malta's newsroomAs a media organisation, Times of Malta now provides breaking news thus becoming a medium that delivers information rather than simply recording it. The first major step in diversification took place in 2004 when Times of Malta moved towards lighter, more colourful content so as to appeal to a different profile of reader from the past. Allied Newspapers Limited’s distribution network was then further expanded and this allowed the paper to reach more clients while seeing the introduction of glossy magazines distributed free of charge with the newspaper. The company’s first such glossy magazine was Pink and a plethora of other products followed suit. 

Another key project in Allied Newspaper Limited’s development was the creation of the online archive in 1999. The company recognised the need to create an archive of all its past editions since the originals were burnt in 1979. The archive facility has allowed Times of Malta to save all previous editions for posterity. The archive boasts a fully text searchable facility which has been upgraded to its third version.

In the year 2000, www.timesofmalta.com was launched, initially presenting an e-version of the newspaper and ensuring the Group’s presence online. Today, it ranks top of websites visited from Malta, beating the likes of Facebook, Google and Youtube.

The next stage of development happened in 2013, when Allied Newspapers Limited launched its Premium Content subscription package, giving users access to exclusive content, our digital archive, our e-paper, and full access from overseas.

Allied Newspapers Limited has now also ventured into event creation with the hosting of The Big Debate being its baptism in this field. This saw the then-Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition coming head-to-head in a hard hitting debate which was also televised live on two of the major television channels in Malta. Following on from this, came The Business Observer breakfasts and the Pink Fashion Show, both being extremely successful in their field and playing to a packed house every time. Lastly, Allied Newspapers Limited has entered into the broadcast sphere, hosting #TIMES talk on TVM, the country’s public broadcasting channel.