About Us

The Allied Group comprises Allied Newspapers Limited and Progress Press Co. Limited.



In the same year that Lord Strickland set up his own printing press, in Strada Reale (now Republic Street), Valletta, a new title was born, Times of Malta, first as English language supplement to Il Progress, and later as weekly and daily newspapers. In no time, both Times of Malta and The Sunday Times of Malta established themselves as market leaders, earning the distinction of national institutions. They still are today as they continue to serve the community in the same spirit as that shown by Lord Strickland's daughter, Mabel Strickland, for so many years in times of war and peace. Allied Newspapers Limited was then officially set up in 1939.

Nowadays, Allied Newspaper Limited’s main goal remains that of providing an information service to whoever needs it, whenever and wherever they require it, across all platforms, in our move towards a time when multi-faceted specialists will be the key players in this industry.