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Allied Newspapers Limited forms part of Allied Group which also comprises Progress Press Company Limited.

In no time, both Times of Malta and The Sunday Times of Malta established themselves as market leaders, earning the distinction of national institutions. They still are today as they continue to serve the community in the same spirit as that shown by Lord Strickland’s daughter, Mabel Strickland, for so many years in times of war and peace.

Allied Newspapers Limited operates as an independent news organisation in line with the wishes of co-founder Mabel Strickland.

Wider remit



Mabel Strickland (pictured above), the indomitable daughter of Lord
Strickland, the original founder of Allied Newspapers Limited., faced a
struggle to keep the company going as enemy bombs rained on Malta and famine and scarcity stalked the land.

Yet the newspaper, despite severe rationing and even direct hits to its
presses as a result of air raids, managed to survive and proudly never missed an issue. Indeed, its daily appearance served as a much-needed morale booster to its military garrison and beleaguered population.

Besides its respect for truth and accuracy of its reporting, Times of Malta also came to earn admiration for its tolerance, indeed its hosting of all shades of opinion, even if was itself to become, spectacularly, a victim of supreme intolerance, which had been building up for a number of years.

On October 15, 1979, which was to become known as Black Monday, the newspaper’s offices and printing presses came under siege
again, not from enemy bombs this time, but from a politically-motivated mob who burned the place down.

Yet the spirit inherited from Miss Strickland enabled the paper to be published the next day from another printing press, thus proudly keeping up the tradition of never missing an issue.

The paper of course was to rise again, stronger – and more respected – than ever before.

As its circulation grew, despite the departure, in 1979, of British forces from the island who made up a good proportion of its readership, it became, and still remains, the foremost media company in Malta.

The Owners

Why we EXIST

To disseminate credible content that enriches people’s lives by informing, educating and entertaining them


To be the undisputed leader in disseminating credible content across as many media platforms as possible, with a strong commitment to excellence.


We will do this by holding true to our values of democracy, truth, credibility, political independence and innovation. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, Allied Newspapers Limited has always been acutely aware of the society it functions in and services. Inspired by the steadfast values and generosity of its founders, the company has been a bastion of defence for freedom of expression in the country. Rooted in Christianity, our core values till today remain those of democracy, truth, credibility, and political independence. 

As a company, the first focus is inward looking and we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and one that offers our staff various work practice solutions in order for individuals to achieve a satisfactory level of work-life balance. Furthermore, we are keen to support our employees wherever possible, whether through furthering their training or through assisting them with particular challenges that life is want to throw our way from time to time.

Allied Newspapers Limited extends this level of support beyond its doors to society at wide, both directly and indirectly assisting causes we believe in and which are aligned with our own ethos. We do this in various ways, and we are particularly involved in the promotion of human rights for all and the pursuit of democracy.

We continue to be invested in our future and that of the world we live in and invite interested parties to contact us by emailing [email protected]

Board of Directors

Paul Mercieca – Chairman

Michel Rizzo Managing Director

Alex Galea – Deputy Managing Director

Clinton Calleja – Company Secretary

Dr Austin Bencini

Ing. Raphael Micallef Trigona

Helga Ellul

Count Henry Hornyold Strickland