Fact-checking service at Times of Malta

Times of Malta has launched a fact-checking initiative focused on identifying disinformation and false claims made by organisations, public and political figures.

The initiative is part of an EU-funded project establishing a Mediterranean hub of fact-checking organisations across Malta, Greece, and Cyprus, named MedDMO.

The fact-checking initiative started in the first months of 2023, and has since offered  Times of Malta readers clear, sourced and data-based fact-checks about a variety of local issues. 

Aside from developing its own fact-checks, Times of Malta is collaborating with the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Malta to analyse the impact of disinformation campaigns around the Mediterranean and to develop tools to support journalists, students and the general public in identifying fake news.

This project reflects Times of Malta’s ongoing commitment towards combating misinformation and disinformation, as well as towards improving media literacy and promoting transparency in Malta.

Through its work as part of the MedDMO hub, Times of Malta will collaborate with other international fact-checking organisations to create a shared network of resources and strengthen the accuracy of online content, while raising awareness about the dangers of misinformation.

Times of Malta’s fact-checking activities are led by Neville Borg. Borg has worked as a researcher within several institutional settings for over 10 years, in various fields, including culture and the arts, health, economics, and digital media.