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Allied Newspapers Limited offers its readers a vast array of printed products, from its ever-popular newspapers (both daily and on Sunday) to glossy magazines to supplements. Browse through our most sought-after titles hereunder.


Times of Malta &
The Sunday Times of Malta

Times of Malta started out as an English-language weekly supplement to Il Progress. It morphed into a daily newspaper on August 7, 1935 and was swiftly followed by The Sunday Times of Malta. In no time, both mastheads established themselves as market leaders, earning the distinction of national institutions.

These two newspapers are fronted by Malta’s largest newsroom, comprising journalists, videographers, photographers, and designers, led by our Editor-in-Chief. Published in English on a daily basis, the newspapers concentrate on bringing local and international news to the Maltese public, with special attention being given to social, environmental, and cultural issues. In-depth interviews with top personalities from around the world are carried with the focus of all coverage being on credibility.


In the year 2000, Allied Newspapers Limited launched its online website, It was the first media house to do so in Malta. At its start, it presented an e-version of the newspaper and ensured the Company’s presence online. Furthermore, we were the first locally to realise that there was a need for an online social network, giving users the possibility to post comments online in response to articles. then entered into its second iteration, the generation of specific content for the website which could then feed the newspaper, rather than the other way around. Nowadays, we can generate and cope with 300,000 unique IP hits in a day and it is clear that we provide a crucial service to the country, consolidating our presence as the main news portal on the island. We are now the most followed and used website in Malta, beating the likes of Google, Facebook and YouTube.



For the past 10 years, Times of Malta has published Pink, Malta's leading women's magazine. It has established itself as a brand of its own, enjoying a healthy readership that is made up of women of all ages, but not only. Letters also come in from men from all walks of life, who enjoy various aspects of the magazine. These include in-depth features and human stories that normally treat women's issues and have women as their subjects, but which always offer insight into broader situations anyone can face and also how to resolve them. The magazine also enjoys a light-hearted side and is big on fashion, carving a strong niche in this scene over the years, with photo shoots and other features. Furthermore, the brand has now expanded to fashion shows , organised twice yearly, with the first one being held in November 2013. These are always a big hit with the fashion-loving public and play to a packed audience of 450, an unusual feat in the fashion world locally.

Pink magazine also makes sure to have a healthy dosage of history and culture, with a female and educational slant. Beauty, health and fitness, horoscopes, psychology, homes, food and books are regulars that readers look out for on a monthly basis to keep a breast with what is going on locally and abroad.



Child is published quarterly with Times of Malta. Now a decade since its launch, it was locally a pioneer of the magazine-as-manual type of publication. Since, as they say, children are not born with an instruction booklet, we’re providing it! And what better way than through a traditional glossy, a beautifully designed magazine that is distributed at no further cost and is put together with plenty of TLC.

The main aim is to give parents useful and inspiring information in the form of a light, interesting read. Articles range widely in scope, from health, psychology and spirituality to leisure, education and much more. In short, a whole gamut of timely, relevant topics that parents care about in trying to raise their children the best way they possibly can.

The loyalty of advertisers over the years proves it is also an effective marketing tool for companies offering products sought by conscientious, loving parents.


Eating & Drinking (E&D)

E&D is The Sunday Times of Malta’s flagship magazine for everything that is food and drink related. Published every quarter, this colourful publication throughout the past years has gained a loyal following among foodies on the hunt for that special recipe, ot those who like to discover simple, but delicious home-made dishes. The magazine always makes sure to keep an intriguing balance between both.

E&D prides itself on keeping a pulse on the heart of the island – from the newest hip eateries and bars to the generations-old establishments that have become well-loved landmarks, you will find all the latest news and gossip on E&D. And with a team of contributors that range from Michelin chefs to grandmothers who have spent their lives concocting delicious dishes in their kitchens, there is bound to be something for every reader’s taste-buds.

Of course, it’s not just about Malta; there are interviews with celebrity chefs and international food trends are also very present. One for the coffee-table, to be browsed when inspiration is required.

Sunday Circle

Sunday Circle

Sunday Circle is Malta’s leading and longest-standing lifestyle magazine. Offering our readers an engaging and eclectic mix of intelligent interviews and profiles, in-depth features and investigative reports, we provide a glimpse into Maltese society and lifestyle and an insight into the lives and ideas of key movers-and-shakers and exciting up-and-comers.

With a focus on eye-catching photography and design alongside high-quality journalism, the magazine shines a broad spotlight on society that encompasses current affairs, lifestyle, arts and culture, leisure and more. We also collaborate regularly on special features: from photo essays with emerging photographers to fashion editorials with stylists and bloggers.

Attractive advertising, high-value competition prizes and Paparazzi pages highlighting the island’s social calendar round off the package.


Places: Design & Living

Places: Design & Living opens a window onto cutting-edge, classical and contemporary interiors, both residential and commercial. It is a doorway into daring design and decor, featuring local and international projects and properties, architects and artists; a gateway to historical houses, heritage and the environment; the key to the freshest furniture, fabrics and trends – and how to put it all together. But it is also a path to the human stories and lifestyles behind the stones. Out with The Sunday Times of Malta, it’s where walls can talk. Big on high-quality photography and very visual, Places offers another angle to what is already available on the market. Still in its infancy, the magazine is already registering success in its first year and is going from strength to strength.